EarthShield Biotech Inc.

Social Impact

November 14th 2017 , Written by earthskinx

Once in commercial production, the application of our EarthSkin products will have a social impact by reducing farming production costs, improving agricultural productivity, increasing income for farmers and contributing to a healthier eco-system.

We have carefully crafted an extensive product development plan that will use the scientific data that will determine the metrics for increased crop production and profits for farmers based on a per gallon application of our products for various crop varieties and growing conditions. These tests will also provide us with the environmental metrics for the reduction of GHG emissions and CAC (critical air contaminants) including CO2, NOx and VOC’s. We will also track the volume of water savings measured in m3/year and will include the reduction of nitrogen and phosphates. We will track and measure the amount of soil that is saved per tonne/acre/year, the reduction in chemical use per acre and the increase in soil nutrients that will result with the application of our products per acre.