EarthShield Biotech Inc.


Green Roads

Our innovative, GreenRoads bio-resin technology will significantly reduce annual non-paved road expenditures for both private and public Infrastructure. There is tremendous pressure at all levels of government to reduce the ongoing costs and subsequent capital costs of low volume secondary, rural roads.

Our unique line of products, consists of a variety of naturally occurring resins, which has the added benefits of being non-toxic and safe for the environment. They possess many positive features over other sealants, such as a liquid form, adding to the convenience of their applications – sprayed, smeared or dumped.

Our technology will not only save on these initial costs, but also reduce the ongoing maintenance expenditures required for these type of low travelled roads. Unpaved roads require tremendous quantities of gravel on an annual basis. Many of these roads do not warrant either a regular asphalt base and overlay, or even the less expensive chipseal method. Our GreenRoads product will be the factor in a municipalities decision of whether or not to pave secondary roads within their jurisdiction.