EarthShield Biotech Inc.


EarthSkin Bio-resin

Our EarthSkin product line is an environmentally-friendly super bio-mulch, providing economical & environmental solutions for the global agricultural community to help increase world food production. Our customized EarthSkin solutions are Farming-Friendly and may be applied directly on soil or as a binder for crop specific mulches to create a breathable shield matrix for the soil. Our product is scientifically proven to effectively reduce irrigation requirements by increasing water absorption and reducing evaporation. EarthSkin will reduce soil erosion, reduce or eliminate weeds and the dependence on herbicides, improve soil performance through improved retention and more efficient soil management, and will minimize the negative impact on the environment by eliminating the use of plastic film or synthetic mulches. Our revolutionary bio-technology is easily applied at the individual level, resulting in significant per-acre cost savings to the farmer in utilities, labour and consumable material. EarthSkin returns valuable nutrients to the soil during the post-harvest soil preparation cycle and increases profits through improved yield performance.

Once cured, this unique bio-resin is water insoluble and will naturally bio-degrade, returning valuable nutrients to the soil at the end of the growing season. The three product lines that will be marketed and distributed are:

  1. EarthSkin: a natural and breathable earth skin protective bio-coating with slow-release nutrients for natural, rain-fed crops.
  2. EarthSkinUP (Ultra Protection): Advanced protection for irrigated crops.
  3. EarthSkinX (Extreme Protection): Extreme protection that will replace synthetic mulch for crops that require plastic cover.

EarthSkin Application Movie
Watch a video on the application of EarthSkin