EarthShield Biotech Inc.


EarthShield Biotech Inc.

EarthShield Biotech is a Canadian-owned private company located in Southwestern Ontario. We will manufacture and distribute an environmentally-friendly product line of bio-resin technologies that are branded under the names EarthSkin, Liquid-Tarp & GreenRoads. EarthSkin is the most disruptive of these bio-technologies and is a 100% organic bio-resin, manufactured from naturally occurring and renewable resources. It is both cost-effective and environmentally safe. It is a non-toxic, odorless, non-hazardous and non-corrosive organic bio-resin.

EarthSkin creates a unique, bio-degradable earth shield soil coating that comes from the earth and is returned to the earth, creating a natural source of soil nutrients to improve soil performance.

The technology to produce EarthSkin incorporates simplicity, efficiency and utility in the design and operational parameters. Our unique and scalable production facility produces the complete EarthSkin product lines which are organic and derived from readily-available and renewable resources. The process technology enables a consistent flow of EarthSkin by using our advanced manufacturing “micro-plant” concept that has high capacity, is not capital intensive and has low operation costs.

EarthShield Biotech, in collaboration with the Federal Government, Universities and Industry Partners, will be executing large-scale field testing to validate our agriculture application process. This testing will be coordinated by Dr. Jun Yang, Ph.D from Western University and Agri-Food Canada, who will help to establish EarthSkin as a game changing bio-technology that will advance global agriculture production to feed and save the planet.